About us

”webigital Mountain is dedicated to creating polished, fit-for-purpose sites using people friendly technologies. Allow us to enhance your business with fast, reliable hosting, and powerful search engine optimisation.

Our culture
Digital Mountain is for people. We are straightforward in how we work with you and we want the people who visit your site to get the low-down, straight up. Simple.

We are dynamic
We bring diverse backgrounds, skills, knowledge bases, and personalities to our projects.

We are tenacious
We have been building web sites together since 2000. Our work ethic is mandated by your vision and your goals and underpinned by goodwill.

Our services
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a comprehensive service. Digital Mountain can develop, build, host, maintain, and broadcast your web site. In short, it means we've got you covered.

Whether you need affordable shared hosting or secure dedicated servers, we tailor your site needs to our hosting plans.

Web site design
Our business is creating polished, fit-for-purpose sites using people-friendly technologies.

Search Engine Optimisation
Digital Mountain can make sure more people find your site and enable you to keep track of your site's performance.